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                 Mayor Kelly Parker                    

Mayor Kelly Parker


The City of Alva is gathering information to determine eligibility for Community Development Block Grant Funds from Oklahoma Department of Commerce.  The last time the City of Alva was certified to apply for these Grant Funds was 1997. These grant funds can be used for street, water, and waste water project and the maximum application is $450,000.

The City of Alva is currently looking at a Water Tank Replacement Project at the Water Storage Tank Yard at Young Street and Thunderbird Rd. The City of Alva has two 500,000 gallon tanks at that location which are 60 years old, leaking, and have reached their useful life expectancy. The cost estimate to replace these three tanks is $1.4 million and the current anticipated time line for the completion is 1 year and 9 months with construction beginning in January 2018.

Joe Don Dunham,
City Business Manager


Public Notice:

Due to safety and liability issues the Alva Gun Range is temporary closed, it will be reopen soon with a new type of access.

The gate is being converted to remote control operation. Each range user will be issued a personal remote opener after specific requirements have been met.

Specific Requirements:
Register and participate in an Alva Gun Range specific training session.                                                                                                 
(Class times, location & details are being determined and will be posted soon The Alva Public Gun Range and The City of Alva have a Facebook page, they are a good source information on class schedules and other range specific information)



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