Alva Cemetery

Phone: 580.327.1516 (Cemetery Office) 580.748.2833 (Cell)
Director: Chris Greve
E-mail:  (Heather O'Neil )580.327.1340 ext. 13
Office Hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday

NOTICE: Decorations on graves will need be picked up by Monday June 6 to avoid being thrown away by cemetery staff. Thank you.

Notice: Outside containers are required for burial. And also, if a stone needs to be removed for digging, there will be a charge. For more information call 327-1340 ext. 13 please.


Cemetery Records - Updated April 21, 2016 by Timothy Nelson

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Cemetery Maps (north is up on all maps)

Cemetery Map Block 1 Block 8
A Block Block 2 Block 9
B Block Block 3 Block 10
C Block Block 4 Block 12
D Block Block 5 Block 13
E Block Block 6 Block 18
  Block 7 Block 25


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    Some pictures of our cemetery.